Freeway robberies on the upward push in Mexico as drug cartels purpose holiday vacationers

Freeway robberies on the upward push in Mexico as drug cartels purpose holiday vacationers


Motorists entreated to be attempting out for illegal roadblocks; cargo vans moreover being focused

by: Julian Resendiz

Posted: Dec 16, 2019 / 10: 13 PM CST / As much as this point: Dec 16, 2019 / 10: 13 PM CST

On this Oct. 3, 2015 characterize, an empty stretch of freeway results in the metropolis of Iguala, in the Mexican express of Guerrero. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)

EL PASO, Texas (Border Document) — When he travels to Mexico for the holidays, Lorenzo Escamilla practices the announcing: “There’s security in numbers.”

The Dallas resident on Monday used to be portion of a car caravan that drove into Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, with donations for the unpleasant. “We’ve traveled together for four years to be obliging. Now no longer two weeks ago three guys I do know bought robbed near the freeway to Monterrey. One car stopped in entrance of them, one bought on the abet of them, and 6 men bought out and took their cellphones and $700 in cash,” stated Escamilla, a painting contractor.

Freeway robbery in Mexico tends to spike across the Christmas and Easter holidays, when tens of hundreds of U.S. residents endeavor south to talk to household participants, customarily bearing items that develop them more of a purpose, public security analysts notify. And with the drug cartels now targeting industrial vans and their cargo as properly, it’s necessary to insist low caution on Mexican highways.

“As we acquire nearer to the holidays, the criminals wish to ranking more money to allow them to make a decision on stuff for their households. They might be able to even make a choice (items) for the formative years of their acquire household,” stated Scott Stewart, vice president of tactical prognosis for Stratford International Intelligence, an Austin, Texas-basically basically based non-public security neighborhood.

Several high-profile conditions of freeway robbery had been recorded this year, in line with Stewart. In April, a neighborhood of armed criminals robbed hundreds of motorists near a tunnel on the Mexico City-Acapulco freeway, taking salubrious thing about the shortage of cell mobile phone signal. In July, an American couple used to be killed while attempting to lumber through an illegal checkpoint quandary up by the rogue Auto Defensas neighborhood in Guerrero express.

Nearer to the U.S. border, some Americans acquire lumber into disaster with the police for riding with tiny dwelling equipment in tow. “I’ve heard quite a minute on that route (Nuevo Laredo-Monterrey) of folks getting stopped and asked for extraordinarily expansive bribes for issues they provided in the US. That turn into a accurate venture for them,” Stewart stated.

That’s something that vacationers take care of Escamilla notify they lumber into year after year. On Monday, he used to be having disaster getting the items to be donated previous the Mexican customs checkpoint. “We quandary issues up with the consulate in Dallas. Now customs is telling us that whatever deal we revamped there is no longer a ample over right here,” he stated, vowing no longer to flip abet till getting his mission completed.

The Mexican executive runs a seasonal program called “Paisano” to wait on vacationers who lumber into disaster on Mexican territory. The toll-free numbers are 1 (877) 210-9469 if calling from the US or 01-800-440-3690 if dialing from Mexico

Extra vans, more cargo … more criminals roaming highways

In step with a Dec. 13 article by Mexico News Day to day, more than 1,500 robberies had been recorded this year on Mexican highways. The thefts acquire cost Mexican manufacturers more than $68 million and acquire occurred basically alongside four roads: Progreso-Monterrey; Veracruz-Puebla; Celaya-Leon and Guanajuato-Irapuato. The article quoted a Nuevo Leon alternate chief as announcing that half of of the manufacturers in the express acquire had on the least 1 cargo stolen, and a few acquire misplaced the truck as properly.

Industrial vans are focused for their cargo, however they’re no longer the most classic vehicles that freeway robbers crave, Stewart stated.

“Four-wheel drive pickups, the expansive (Chevrolet) Suburbans tend to be very properly most traditional by the cartels as some distance as stealing, however cretainly anything that’s flashy could maybe well entice attention,” he stated.

So if or no longer you’ll deserve to drive in Mexico, the advice is to follow toll-roads with a sturdy police presence, steer sure of riding at evening (that’s when most robberies occur) and no longer scamper by myself. Nonetheless, even toll-roads could maybe well no longer be obliging in areas of Mexico with a sturdy drug cartel have an effect on, the put armed bandits can quandary up illegal roadblocks, Stewart stated.

“Generally, especially these exciting Americans who’re no longer locals and no longer particularly focused, the criminals every so customarily ample settle on your stuff,” he stated. “So, must you’re confronted by armed criminals or near as much as an illegal roadblock, it’s continuously beneficial to renounce your stuff … your wallet, your car, none of that’s value your lifestyles.”

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Freeway robberies on the upward push in Mexico as drug cartels purpose holiday vacationers

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