Affidavit: Austin moms accused of assault while picking up children

Affidavit: Austin moms accused of assault while picking up children


by: Chelsea Moreno

Posted: Nov 24, 2019 / 07: 30 PM CST / Updated: Nov 25, 2019 / 09: 14 AM CST

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AUSTIN (KXAN) — Two Austin moms in two separate incidents are being accused of assaulting other fogeys while picking up their children.

Officers answered to a call about an assault that came about at a college bus finish within the 5400 block of Imperial Dr. spherical 4: 30 p.m. on Thursday. The house is east of U.S. Twin carriageway 183 in between FM 969 and Decker Lake Aspect toll road.

When officers arrived, they saw the victim with swelling and redness on the left aspect of her face, and he or she complained about be troubled on her face and in her neck house.

Yolanda Almanza (APD Characterize)

The girl told them while she used to be picking up college students, Yolanda Almanza approached her truck to confront her about unsuitable behavior amongst among the critical teens.

In accordance with court docket paperwork, the victim talked about that’s when she lowered the window to shriek with Almanza and within the midst of the argument, Almanza reached into the truck and struck her with a closed fist a couple of times. The victim used to be ready to roll the window up and web in touch with police, and even though Almanza left the scene, the victim used to be ready to apply her to her arena.

The suspect told police she had her hand internal of the truck to show conceal the teens who had been making unsuitable hand gestures and he or she “could presumably moreover hang inadvertently hit her because the window used to be being rolled up on her arm.” On the replacement hand, the police officer talked about he didn’t gape any marks on her arm.

In another separate incident on Friday, officers answered to Joe Lee Johnson Predominant positioned at 2800 Sauls Dr., which is within the Wells Branch house.

A victim told police while she used to be parking her car to build up up her child from the college, 28-yr-musty Attericka Jackson used to be leaving and bumped her car into hers.

They every started exchanging phrases, and Jackson demanded for the victim to web out of her car. That is when she tried to drive to a different parking dwelling to separate herself from Jackson, but the suspect followed her and cornered her when she tried to web out.

After asking Jackson to plug a couple of times, she allegedly told the victim, “have me plug.”

That is when the suspect grabbed the victim’s hair and pulled it.

Witnesses separated the 2 after they fell to the floor.

Police talked about the victim had a couple of loose strands of hair at some level of her and scratches on her nose.

Almanza and Jackson are every charged with assault inflicting bodily damage.

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Affidavit: Austin moms accused of assault while picking up children

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