2nd Bullying Lawsuit Filed Against Admiral Farragut Academy

2nd Bullying Lawsuit Filed Against Admiral Farragut Academy


ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. — For the 2nd time in much less than a week, one more household has filed a lawsuit against Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg amidst allegations of racially motivated bullying. 

  • Family recordsdata bullying lawsuit against Admiral Farragut Academy
  • Son said he turned into bullied, known as the N-notice, beat with Lacrosse sticks
  • Academy denies bullying claims

Per Michael and Stacey Hughes, their son turned into traumatized by the unheard of bullying he got at college from his chums. 

Staunch weeks after their son started at Admiral Farragut Academy, the Hughes snarl they observed adjustments of their son — fear, emotional stress, and even loss of appetite. 

In the spoil their son informed his oldsters that he turned into being bullied.  He said he had been known as the N-notice, informed to lunge assist to Africa, and beat with Lacrosse sticks. 

A spokesperson from the academy launched a press release saying: 

“…This topic involves a student who turned into pushed aside…two years ago for violating our school’s code of habits. Four months later, the student’s household contacted the St. Petersburg Police Department…Officers from the division carried out interviews…nonetheless had been unable to search out any evidence supporting the student’s claims.” 

Nonetheless, the Hughes snarl their son turned into no longer pushed aside, nonetheless that he withdrew from college after he turned into disciplined for standing up to the bullies. The household’s authorized knowledgeable furthermore critical that college officers even refunded his tuition. 

“I possess by no plot identified a non-public college to approach assist a fat refund, no longer a partial, no longer a fragment, to a household if their child had violated any half of the scholars habits code,” Attorney Michelle Rayner-Goolsby said.

“What I impart they procedure is that allow’s give the Hughes assist their money. Shhh. They don’t seem like going to pronounce something else. I factual need to let that Micheal and Stacey Hughes can’t be bought,” Rayner-Goolsby said. 

The college, on the opposite hand, has denied any bullying on its campus, including the old lawsuit filed engaging a inclined female student. 

The academy says it completely investigates accusations of bullying and can no longer hesitate to purchase action when its requirements were violated. 

The household says they factual desire an apology for what they name unchecked racism at procedure to be one of the valuable residence’s premiere deepest colleges. 

Look the video above to hear from the Hughes about what came about to their son:

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2nd Bullying Lawsuit Filed Against Admiral Farragut Academy

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